Printer Service & Repair

We have all had it happen, the proposal needs to get out and the printer starts acting up. So you change the cartridge and add new paper and the problem continues. We can help. We can provide laser printer maintenance programs for our customers who are utilizing either our OEM or GOS compatible cartridges. This program can be custom tailored to your company to include monthly, quarterly, or yearly cleanings as well as parts and labor to avoid these types of problems.

If you just need to have someone come out to fix a problem machine, we can help as well. Typically we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours or sooner. In a majority of cases the problem can be rectified on the spot. If you need assistance or have questions about our program please contact your account manager or customer care for more information.

Our Service charge is $89.00 + parts. This fee includes destination charges as well as the first hour of labor. Most services are complete within the first hour.

Convinced yet?

So why use GOS versus a national chain? For starters, local friendly customer service, with an average of over 20 years experience. Local decision making, if you have a special need or request we will get you your answer that day in most instances. Additionally for every $100 spent in local businesses, about $45 remains in Arizona. Meanwhile, out of the same $100 spent in a national chain, only $13 or less remains in our state. To prosper in business, it is vital to be part of a healthy community. We hire from the neighborhoods we serve, and support numerous local charities. Let us show you how GOS delivers value to the community and our customers every day.

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