Paper For Success

A quality brochure can work hard for your business. Careful planning can have a big
impact on the results, ensuring your brochure appeals to the right people. Our
Planning Worksheet and Checklist help make the process easier.

Creating  A Brochure With Impact

Plan and create an effective brochure that gets your audiences to act.

The key to creating a useful and hardworking brochure is planning. Hammermill©
 Papers has some tips to make your brochure a success.

  • What Is the Purpose of Your Brochure
  • Define Your Audience
  • Make Your Call-to-Action Clear
  • Keep Your Message Simple and Clear
  • Prioritize Information

For more help with creating our brochure,
click here to download your copy of Hammermill’s Brochure Planning Materials

Remember to print important work materials on high-quality paper such as
Hammermill Premium Color Copy, 28lb. (HAM102467) or Hammermill Premium
Laser Print
24lb. (HAM104604) printer paper.