3 Reasons You Should Keep a Paper Calendar


Take a walk through your office. How many coworkers still keep a physical calendar in their cubicles? More than you think? This is because even in the age of smartphones, there are practical benefits to using a physical solution over a digital one.

Benefit #1 – Focus

The first reason why paper calendars are practical is the focus that they allow. If you turn on your phone’s calendar, you are inundated with alerts and messages that aren’t prevalent to completing your task. You’re opening your social media, text messages and email. With a wall calendar, you only see what is necessary and immediate.

Benefit #2 – Independent Thinking

We are all wired a little differently, and perhaps one of the biggest downfalls of a digital platform is the ability to sync calendars. With an appointment books or desk calendars, you can jot what information you need, and it is tailored to you. The easy note sections on calendars make this personalization even more convenient.

Benefit #3 – Decluttering

When you can save everything in the cloud, you tend not to manage information. With a calendar, you discard each month as it progresses, and only the information you need is kept. Tent calendars also minimize space used by making your calendar smaller. It takes up less of your workspace’s real estate.