Here are 6 ways to save money on office supplies.

1. Buy Generic

Instead of buying name brand supplies, consider using generic or store brand products, particularly for office supplies such as sticky notes, folders, and staples where any difference in the quality of the products won’t have much consequence.

For example, a set of 3×3″ brand name 3M sticky notes with 12 pads of notes retails for $16.09, while the generic version is $4.29.

2. Refill supplies before they run out

Proactively replenish your supplies so that you can reduce costs by buying in bulk. It costs less per unit to buy 1 case of paper towels, than to buy one roll at a time. Buying in bulk will also allow you to place fewer orders, saving both time and delivery. Pick a specific day each week or if you are a smaller company every month, and make a habit of placing orders for office supplies on that day so that you are regularly restocking.

3. Buy quality compatible toner cartridges

Compatible toner cartridges for your printer or photocopier can be over 30% cheaper than the price of new toner cartridges, while providing the same print quality.

For example, the price of a new Hewlett-Packard Q7553X cartridge is $203.99, compared to $64.09 for a compatible toner, a savings of 70%.

4.Save paper and ink when printing and copying
Set your office printers to be double-sided by default and change everyone’s default print settings to draft mode and to print in black and white. This could cut your paper usage by half, as well as save you up to 25% on toner/ink.

5. Create a reusable supplies station

Have an area for employees to leave supplies that they no longer need but that are still in working condition, such as binders, folders, writing instruments. You’ll help save the environment by recycling while reducing your company expenses.

6. Buy from 1 Source

Combining purchases to one source cuts down on procurement costs within your organization.  Studies show that it costs a minimum of $30 to cut a PO – these costs included cutting the PO, ordering the merchandise, receiving and processing payment. By eliminating multiple vendors you save both time and money. Did you know GOS carries safety products, break room products, janitorial products, furniture, and custom printing?  Contact us for more information.