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At Café GOS we proudly feature small batch locally roasted “Matador” coffee. These certified organic coffees are available in mild, medium and medium-dark blends that will accommodate any coffee drinker’s palette.

Along with Matador coffee we also carry Papa Nicholas, Wolfgang Puck, Starbucks, Seattle’s Best as well as Folgers and Maxwell House. Additionally, we carry a generous assortment of Teas from Numi, Starbucks and Bigelow.

Café GOS offers a full-service office coffee program including:

  •  Availability to all breakroom necessities from cups to creamers
  • Complimentary use of our BUNN commercial brewing equipment*
  • Competitive pricing
  • Automatic restocking programs (no overstocking guaranteed)
  • Free next day delivery on all stocked coffees and ancillary supplies
  • No minimum orders, no delivery charges
  • Maintenance on all equipment



GOS has been providing a superior customer service experience since 1959. Contact us today for more information or to sample one of our fine coffee blends.

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*Multiple brewers may require a renewable contract period