Support for Causes

Support for Causes

Breast Cancer Awareness One in eight woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  Help support the fight against breast cancer when you purchase pink ribbon products.  Portion of the proceeds from thise items will help fund breast cancer research, treatment and education efforts through organizations including City of Hope, Susan G. Komen,…

GOS U: Keeping Employees Healthy & Happy

Germs are getting more potent every year, which means more sick days, longer recovery times and less productive employees.  Taking preventative measure to keep germs from spreading can go a long way in maintaining office wellness and keeping your business on track.  A healthier office is a happier office!  

GOS U: Ergonomic Workstations

9 out of 10 people suffer from pain linked to the way they work at their desks. Ergonomic design is all about making the work environment and specific job taks fit the worker’s need for comort, health and safety. In other words, “making the work fit the person” rather than “making the person fit the…

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GOS U: Veneer or Laminate Furniture

When selecting your office furniture, you want to create an environment that makes the best impression of who you are.  With so much to choose from, how do you decide what is right for your needs and your budget?  Veneer and laminate furniture are both affordable and can give you the rich style your looking…

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GOS U: Vacuums

The three most important attributes to understand when choosing the right vacuum: Suction pressure or sealed pressure.  Sealed pressure is needed to pick up heavier debris. Airflow, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).  High airflow is needed to move a greater volume of debris through the hose. Collection capacity, which is tank…

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GOS U: Surge Protectors

From computers and televisions to telephones and refrigerators, surge protectors are insurance for your indoor electronics.   Visit our line of surge protectors to help protect all of your home’s electrical devices at

GOS U: Writing Instruments

With all of the pen options that are out there today, how do you choose which writing instrument will best suit your style?   Ballpoint Extended Write-Out Durable, non-water based ink Virtually smudge-free: great for lefties Economical stick versions offer extended write-out: best for high-usage areas like service counters, warehouse Point won’t tear thin pages: works…