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We know you have many options today for all your business needs.  Our business model is designed to provide our customers with the best procurement solutions.  To accomplish this we strive to understand each customer’s unique requirements and develop a program and process that delivers exactly what you need, where you need it, when you want it.  You see at GOS “You Matter!”

Our programs are designed to eliminate the need to search through the maze of online sites to find that deal of the day.  Our online store provides consistently competitive pricing on every item, every time.  Our exclusive “Switch and Save” feature has shown customers savings of up to 70% .  Ask us about our “Guaranteed Savings Program” and start saving today.

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Make Your Dream Desk Happen!

Make Your Dream Desk Happen!

After several attempts at cleaning our desks, we realized one thing: we were making it too complicated.

So instead of painstakingly excavating through layers of accumulated paperwork on our desktops while working on our current projects amidst the chaos, we tried a new approach.

We created our ideal workspace first.

Organize binder contents quickly and easily with Avery Ready Index Dividers
Organize binder contents quickly and easily with Avery Ready Index Dividers.

The first thing we did was gather our active projects. The stuff we work on every day. We used folders and binders with dividers to keep our projects organized (or at least, all together).

We cleared off the rest of our desktop, putting the other paperwork aside. Did the desk just gasp its first breath of air, or was it us? We sanitized the surface, then set up what our dream desk space should look like.

Create color-coded custom Avery File Folder Labels in Avery Design & Print.
Create color-coded custom Avery File Folder Labels in Avery Design & Print.

It’s so refreshing to start with a clean desk! Now to tackle the rest of our paperwork. Since they weren’t part of our current projects, we wouldn’t need them immediately. And if we did, we knew we could find them in the stack.

Our desktop is our workspace—not a storage center. Reference material and reports are some things to keep on hand, just not on the desk. We created files to store in a drawer that we could pull out when needed. For some documents, we just kept a soft copy on our computer. But it’s important to keep the computer clutter-free, too!

Print personalized labels from your desktop or have them custom printed from Avery WePrint™.

Our desktop was clean, but we wanted to give it some personality. We created custom labels to decorate containers and add our name to often-borrowed office supplies. There’s nothing like an organized desk to get motivated. And without the distractions, it’s so much easier to focus on our work!

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So why use GOS versus a national chain? For starters, local friendly customer service, with an average of over 20 years experience. Local decision making, if you have a special need or request we will get you your answer that day in most instances. Additionally for every $100 spent in local businesses, about $45 remains in Arizona. Meanwhile, out of the same $100 spent in a national chain, only $13 or less remains in our state. To prosper in business, it is vital to be part of a healthy community. We hire from the neighborhoods we serve, and support numerous local charities. Let us show you how GOS delivers value to the community and our customers every day.