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We know you have many options today for all your business needs.  Our business model is designed to provide our customers with the best procurement solutions.  To accomplish this we strive to understand each customer’s unique requirements and develop a program and process that delivers exactly what you need, where you need it, when you want it.  You see at GOS “You Matter!”

Our programs are designed to eliminate the need to search through the maze of online sites to find that deal of the day.  Our online store provides consistently competitive pricing on every item, every time.  Our exclusive “Switch and Save” feature has shown customers savings of up to 70% .  Ask us about our “Guaranteed Savings Program” and start saving today.

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How to Organize an Office Supply Closet

Your business runs on sales, customer relations and financial management, but don’t overlook the importance of paper clips, staplers and felt-tip markers. Office supplies may seem a minor business consideration until you have to send an important proposal to meet a deadline and find you’re out of envelopes. It’s well worth the effort to organize your supplies and establish an effective resupply system. A well-organized office supply closet can minimize day to day headaches and maybe even save your presentation.

Take Stock

Make a list of routine supplies you need in your office based on obvious things you use, such as paper, staplers and folders, as well as items already in your supply cabinet.  Check employee spaces like desks and drawers as a reminder of other items used in your office. Survey your staff for items they use regularly that you may have overlooked and ask about supplies they need or would like to have. Keep the list on file to serve as checklist for ordering supplies.

Add new items to the list as the need arises. Remove items that the office no longer uses.  On GOS’s ordering website users have the ability to create list to help make your ordering process easier and faster.


Assign someone the task of sorting through existing office supplies.  Clear space in the supply closet, making enough room so that nothing will be hidden from view or difficult to access.  Consider using bins, containers and organizers to hold small items. You can use everyday items for storage, such as cups for pens and pencils, or purchase optimally sized containers from an office supplies store. Label containers to help keep your space organized.  Create a logical arrangement for your supplies, as space allows. For example, desktop items can be on one shelf, printer supplies on another and presentation supplies on a third.  Use alternative storage areas when appropriate. For example, keep reams of paper near printers and fax machines rather than in the supply closet. Similarly, cleaning supplies can be stored under a sink or in a utility area. Click here for GOS”s selection of storage bins.


Order any initial supplies that are missing or running low so you can start with a well-stocked supply closet. Create a simple system for resupply. For example, post a clipboard with your supplies list and ask staff to check items off as supplies are low. You can also designate a single person to keep track of supplies and reorder when needed.

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So why use GOS versus a national chain? For starters, local friendly customer service, with an average of over 20 years experience. Local decision making, if you have a special need or request we will get you your answer that day in most instances. Additionally for every $100 spent in local businesses, about $45 remains in Arizona. Meanwhile, out of the same $100 spent in a national chain, only $13 or less remains in our state. To prosper in business, it is vital to be part of a healthy community. We hire from the neighborhoods we serve, and support numerous local charities. Let us show you how GOS delivers value to the community and our customers every day.