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Recently, false and misleading information about hand sanitizers has been surfacing via social media.

The truth is that alcohol-based hand sanitizers play a key role in keeping us healthy by reducing the spread of illness-causing germs and are recommended by leading health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and Health Canada.
(c/o  Jim Arbogast, Ph.D.Vice President of Hygiene Sciences and Public Health Advancements, GOJO Industries)

In fact, practicing good hand hygiene is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your risk of   getting ill. So, it is important for all of us to understand the facts about hand sanitizers, and we wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

1. Truth: Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers DO NOT Contain Triclosan
One of the most common myths with alcohol-based hand sanitizers is that they contain triclosan. The truth is that PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer and other alcohol-based products do not contain triclosan. In the United States, the FDA requires that triclosan not be used in products that are left on the skin.

2. Truth: PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer DOES NOT Contain Bisphenol A (BPA)
Recent internet reports have indicated that PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer contains BPA. The truth is that BPA is not an ingredient in PURELL Hand Sanitizer. Alcohol is the active ingredient in PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer and most other instant hand sanitizers.

3. Truth: Hand Sanitizers DO NOT Cause Antibiotic Resistance
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the primary cause of antibiotic resistance is the repeated and improper use of antibiotics1.

Prescribed antibiotics, taken orally or intravenously, operate completely differently than alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The alcohol in hand sanitizers quickly kills a broad spectrum of germs and then evaporates. Nothing is left behind on your skin to let the germs become resistant.

Healthy habits like good hand hygiene help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs. Staying healthy reduces the need to use prescription antibiotics; so ultimately, alcohol-based hand sanitizers play an important role in reducing antibiotic resistance.

4. Truth: All Hand Sanitizers ARE NOT the Same. Formulation matters.
Alcohol-based and non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not the same; in fact, they are very different. The truth is that the formulation matters. The active ingredient is important but the total formulation affects the antimicrobial efficacy. The product also has to deliver good skin care performance – at least not damage the skin. And the third important point is that it provides a good sensory experience: it’s likeable in use.

5. Truth: Using Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers DO NOT Dry Your Hands
Many believe the frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers will dry out your hands or your skin. The truth is that formulation matters. PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer has been developed to be used repeatedly without damaging the skin. In fact, studies show PURELL Hand Sanitizer is gentler on hands than soap and water because it does not strip natural lipids away from hands.2 The truth is that good hand hygiene, which includes using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, is a strong preventive measure you can take to reduce the spread of illness-causing germs.

6. Truth: Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers DO NOT Cause Supergerms
One of the myths currently out there about alcohol-based hand sanitizers is they can create “super germs.” The truth is that ethyl alcohol, the active ingredient in PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer and other alcohol-based hand sanitizers, rapidly destroys the cell membranes and denatures cell proteins. It’s not left behind to let the germs become resistant or become what some people call “super germs.”

7. Truth: All Germs ARE NOT the Same
There are actually many different types of germs, but a nice way to categorize them is transient organisms and resident organisms. The resident organisms live on our skin at all layers of the skin. The transient organisms are acquired as you touch something, and they can be transmitted inside your body, or to someone else directly or via other objects touched (i.e. cross-contamination), putting you and others at risk for illness.

8. Truth: Hand Sanitizers Kill Illness-Causing, or Transient Germs
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers reduce the transient organisms, or the illness-causing germs, on your hands. They also reduce the resident organisms, or what some people call the “good germs,” but those “good germs” are not eliminated and quickly grow back, remaining as our normal microbiota.

The truth is that good hand hygiene, which includes using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, is a strong preventive measure you can take to reduce the spread of illness-causing germs.

Don’t believe the myths. Check out this video for the facts on alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

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